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English and Writing

The core discipline of the trivium is language. Language is the foundation of human communication, and thus of relationships. Wherever we are, we will communicate with others, and we want our students to do so intentionally and excellently.

  • Our grammar classes establish a firm foundation and grasp of English grammar and give models of imitation in writing.
  • The study of Latin reinforces a precise grasp of English syntax, increases vocabulary through Latin derivatives, and provides students with a greater consciousness of the basis of language, rather than relying on intuition and habit.
  • In 7th-8th grade, students continue to build on the foundation by imitating great forms of writing.
  • By 9th grade, students should have mastered the basics of English grammar and syntax and are able to refine their writing through diligent practice in their humanities courses. Teachers provide individual feedback and coach students in the three canons of writing: invention, organization, and elocution.
  • Our logic and rhetoric classes feed into students’ writing ability by providing them with the tools to craft sound arguments and develop a winsome and beautiful style of their own.