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First Grade

First Grade Core

H101: Ancient History/Geography I

SC101: 1st Grade Science

M101: 1st Grade Math

LA101: 1st Grade Language Arts

SSL101: Song School Latin I

Also includes Visual Art I, Music I, Joyful Discovery I, PE I, and Lit/Drama I which can be taken also as individual courses

Parent Role: co-teacher

Prerequisites: Kindergarten or board approval

FIRST GRADE-Language Arts

Writing: Students will master neatness and letter formation using Handwriting Without Tears (HWOT) manuscript. HWOT uses various multi-sensory activities, songs, and activities to teach good writing habits creating an essential foundation for upcoming years. They will also begin Writing with Ease (WWE) working on narration, copy work, and dictation using literature excerpts.

Spelling and Grammar: The world of words opens up to students as they master, blend and manipulate phonemes gaining competency and fluency with spelling and reading. First Language Lessons is a gentle way to master parts of speech and using complete sentences. They will memorize grammar definitions as well as poems such as: The Caterpillar, Work, Hearts are Like Doors, Days of the Week, The Months, and Mr. Nobody.

Literature: Living books are incorporated into every aspect of learning, but the joy of reading is also emphasized with read -aloud, discussing basic story elements and organization. Titles include: Little House in the Big Woods, Frog and Toad Collection, Beatrix Potter stories, and many others.

Reading: Students will learn reading through phonics and a love of literature. Guided reading will encourage students to read books both at their own level and to grow beyond.


In Singapore first grade, students learn about place value, number bonding, part-whole and model drawing to gain mastery of addition and subtraction, be introduced to multiplication, division, and solve simple story problems. They will use pictorial representation, hands-on manipulatives, chants, songs, mental math strategies, and fun activities to gain a strong foundation.


First graders will begin the study of history with the Ancient World. They will explore creation through the Greeks using story, living books, and activities to make history come alive and to see God’s hand throughout. They will explore the geography of the ancient world; additionally, students will develop mapping skills and learn modern continents and oceans.


God’s unique and intricate design for creation is evident as students begin their study of biology: plant, animal, and the human body. First graders begin the scientific inquiry through observation, classification, and experimentation. They will study beautiful living books, watch God’s creation in action through internet clips, use hand’s on demonstration, and see first hand how life is designed and organized.

FIRST GRADE-Song School Latin I

Did you ever believe that there would be a Latin program that would match the energy, developmental level, and fun-loving nature of your youngest students? Song School Latin does just that. Lessons are peppered with songs, enjoyable vocabulary, illustrations, handwriting practice, stories, games, and engaging activities. Children will love learning Latin!

Individual Courses (also included in Core)

Music I (MU101) History:

Students will continue to practice aural recognition of the various instruments and instrument families. They will also create more complex versions of the simple instruments created in Music K to deepen their understanding of tone production. They will be exposed, in a cursory manner, to prominent pieces and composers of the Renaissance and Baroque periods and gain an understanding of the role of the composer. Performance/Theory: Singing remains the prominent form of music performance at this stage. Students will be introduced to music notation to begin understanding the concepts of contour and interval while deepening their understanding of rhythm and pitch. Rhythmic skills will be developed through exercises using simple rhythmic notation. They will also be given the fundamentals of key and scale through the use of solfeggio syllables (do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si, do). Dance and creative movements will be used to gain awareness of phrase structure and tempo.

Parent Role: Motivator/encourager

Prerequisites: None

Visual Art I (A101)

In Visual art, students will develop an appreciation and understanding of art as they are introduced to great artists throughout history, each year beginning with a basic timeline to gain an appreciation of art history. Student will develop an appreciation of beauty, creativity, color, line, texture, composition as they are exposed to different art mediums and techniques. They will have fun and be inspired as they enjoy art in its various forms. First grade students will learn the seven basic elements of art as they explore different techniques and mediums. As they study great artists from different time periods and cultures, they will learn from masters of the trade and develop an appreciation for art.

Parent Role: Motivator/encourager

Prerequisites: None

Joyful Discovery I (JD101)

Joyful Discovery is a hands on, interactive course using a variety of units to nourish a child’s natural curiosity and to encourage a love for learning. Students will:

  • Be introduced to exploration of nature and discussing God’s creation
  • Learn about food nutrition and the kitchen.
  • Be introduced to other cultures.
  • Develop skills in handiworks such as sewing, woodworking or other craft

Parent Role: Motivator/encourager

Prerequisites: None

Literature/Drama I (L/D101)

First grade students will experience different forms of literature including poetry, nonfiction, fiction, and autobiographical missionary accounts. Students will learn basic literature components and use activities and discussion to make reading come alive. They will also develop an appreciation for theater as they study drama and play production.

Parent Role: Motivator/encourager

Prerequisites: None

Physical Education I (P101)

First grade students will build basic fitness skills, learn control and awareness of their bodies and movement. They will develop a joy of play as they learn to work in teams and use good sportsmanship.

Parent Role: Motivator/encourager

Prerequisites: None