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A sine qua non of classical schools is the teaching of classical languages. As Latin is easier for students to learn since it is more orderly and shares an alphabet with English, Charis teaches Latin rather than Greek.

  • Beginning in 1st grade, students learn Latin through song with Song School Latin. This establishes a small vocabulary of Latin words, and prepares students for Latin endings and declensions later on.
  • In 4th grade, students begin to learn Latin grammar through the Latin for Children series. They learn over 800 vocabulary words, and gain the ability to compose and read rudimentary Latin sentences. After 6th grade, students should be familiar with the five noun declensions, four verb conjugations, and the present and perfect systems in the active voice.
  • Students continue to study Latin in 7th-9th grade through the Latin Alive! series.
  • Students continue to learn Latin grammar, increase their understanding of Latin syntax, and begin reading many adapted readings from original Latin texts.
  • Beginning in 10th grade, students may choose another foreign language for study such as French, Spanish, or German or continue with another year of Latin reading in primary sources.

The benefits of Latin have been frequently documented. Besides the primary benefit of being able to read the great works of Christian and classical culture in the original languages, students also:

  • Master English grammar.
  • Better understand English syntax and sentence structure.
  • Learn the basis for many for English’s quirks and exceptions.
  • Expand English vocabulary.
  • Gain a foundation for the study of Romance languages (French, Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish).
  • Improve SAT/ACT scores, especially in the area of language and qualitative reasoning.
  • Increase knowledge Roman and Christian cultures.
  • Expand the mind’s mental fortitude and judgment
  • Read Latin

Students entering into Charis in 4th-11th grade without previous Latin experience will be placed in the appropriate entry level Latin course (Latin for Children A for 4th-6th grade and Latin Alive! I for 7th-11th grade).