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Tuition and Fees

Charis Classical Academy
Tuition and fee schedule

2024-2025 Tuition

Books and uniforms not included

Charis Core

K-4th Core: Central Classroom M/W and 1/2 day Friday
5th and above: Central Classroom M/W/F full days

Kindergarten – 4th$4,561
5th-8th $5,595

Open Courses

Available to homeschooling families depending on course enrollment

CoursePer Semester Cost
7th-12th 0.5 credit courses
(e.g. Logic, Leadership, or Writing)
7th-12th 1 credit courses
(e.g. Latin, Math, or Science)
7th-12th 2 credit courses
(e.g. Humanities)

Core Tuition Payment Plan

Tuition payments are payable through the FACTS tuition management program in ten monthly installments beginning in June and continuing through March.

FACTS is an online service Charis uses to manage every family’s tuition account. Tuition can be paid on a month-to-month basis using the online services of FACTS or paid in full at the beginning of the school year. All families who opt to pay in installments must fill out appropriate paperwork to set up an account with FACTS. If families opt to pay tuition in full, an account is not required. Please contact the school office for information about the FACTS Tuition Management Plan.

In the event of a withdrawal, transfer or expulsion from Charis, student records, including Report Cards and permanent files, are held until all financial obligations have been cleared.

Tuition Assistance for Core Students

Charis has a tuition assistance program available for core students. Upon acceptance to Charis, if you desire to apply for Tuition Assistance please follow this link to the application.

Click here for information on FACTS Grant and Aid. Applications are due by April 1, 2024 for the 2024-2025 school year. The application is $30 to apply (a FACTS administration fee).


The following fees are assessed in addition to tuition and must be paid before students enroll. All fees apply per student unless indicated. Open Course Families, please see Open Course Application

Application Fee (per family not per student): $100 (one-time fee)
Applications for Core students must be received by July 1st for fall semester and November 1st for spring semester.

Enrollment Fee (the enrollment fee covers all rental and supply fees, course packets, as well as academic testing)
Tuition, fees, and deposits will be refunded in the event a class does not have a sufficient number of students enrolled. Parents will be notified as soon as possible if a class is cancelled.

Enrollment OpenedEnrollment ClosedEnrollment PriceWho may enroll?
Early Bird
January 26thFebruary 1stK-5th: $175
6th-8th: $250
9th-12th: $275
Returning Families Only
General Enrollment February 2ndApril 30thK-5th: $250
6th-8th: $325
9th-12th: $350
Returning and new families
Late Enrollment May 1stJuly 15thK-5th: $450
6th-8th: $525
9th-12th: $550
Returning and new families

Tuition Payment Options:
Please choose an option for your student tuition payment (see below). You will be invoiced for tuition once discounts have been applied. If you choose Options 2, 3, or 4, you will receive information about how to sign up for the FACTS program. You will indicate a choice during enrollment.

Option 1 is to pay directly for the whole school year by June 1st for a 5% discount.
Option 2 is a semiannual payment due June 1st and December 1st. The annual enrollment fee is $20.
Option 3 is a monthly bank withdrawal over 10 months through FACTS. The annual enrollment fee is $50.00.
Option 4 is a credit card payment of 10 months through FACTS. In addition to the $50.00 enrollment fee, there will be a convenience fee.

Core Student Discounts

Two discounts are available for Charis families. These discounts apply to tuition only and cannot be combined with fees and/or book costs.

Pre-payment Discount: 5% (Tuition must be paid in full on or before due date of June 1st, no exceptions.)

Multi-student Discounts: Two students: 5% discount

Three students: 7% discount

Four or more students: 10% discount

**Discounts are applied in the following order: pre-payment, and then multi-student.