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Ep. 11: The Commonplace Book

Charis Classical Academy
Ep. 11: The Commonplace Book

Join us as we talk with Austin Hoffman & Max Pointner on how to use The Commonplace Book to read and study. (It was a Zoom interview, so pardon the sound quality!)

Why Commonplace? There are many reasons! Keeping quotations, reflecting on your reading, improving memory, recording books you’ve read, and more. (Visit the Charis Classical Academy social media pages and you may find some pictures of Austin, Max, & Katie’s commonplace books!)

Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours.” – John Locke

Helpful tools in The Commonplace Book:

The Well-Educated Mind by Susan Wise Bauer

Handmade Humanity: podcast by Austin & Max

Incarnational Memory and The Commonplace Book, an article by Austin Hoffman. This is a great overview of the commonplace book including methods and ideas for starting a commonplace!

Lined, ruled, page numbered journal

Recommendations from Mr. Hoffman: The Ransom Trilogy by C.S. Lewis
Recommendation from Mr. Pointner:  Te Deum laudamus by Anton Bruckner