Admissions Process

Charis is offering K-11th grade for 2019-2020 school year

Charis Classical Academy is seeking committed families who desire a Christian, classical education to partner together in the pursuit of wisdom and virtue to the glory of God in Jesus Christ. Charis is an academically vigorous school with a strong emphasis on character development, and as a UMS school, requires a high degree of parental involvement.

Considering if Charis is right for your family?

  1. Watch our Info modules to receive an overview of the school.
  2. Join us for one of our scheduled school tours.
  3. Ask yourself these key questions.

High School Application policy (9-12):

Due to the rigorous academic scoping of our curriculum, and university-model structure, students may find it difficult to transfer into Charis during their high school years. Students grades K-10 are welcome to apply to Charis; however, high school applicants will need receive special approval from the headmaster before acceptance. Students wishing to enroll in 11th grade should receive approval from the headmaster before applying.

Admissions Process:

  1. Watch all of the Info Modules to receive an overview of the school. After watching the modules, you will be prompted to contact the school to join one of our scheduled tours. After watching our information modules, our tours are the best way to get to know us. The content in the information modules provides the backbone of our tour discussion, so please watch all the videos before attending a tour. At the tour/informational meeting, You will have the opportunity to see the school classrooms, discuss any questions you may have, and receive an admissions packet. You can also complete an application on the website (see below).

  2. Read required books on Classical and Christian education and University-Model® schools, all of which may be obtained from CCA.

    *. Character Driven College Preparation by Dr. John Turner, Jr.
    (A small, 62- page book on UMS)

    *. Classical and Christian Education by Gregg Strawbridge
    (A 10-page booklet by Veritas Press)

  3. Prayerfully consider your family’s needs for education and whether those needs would best be met by Charis Classical Academy. Ask yourself these key questions.

  4. Complete an application on You will need two personal references and a spiritual reference as well as previous school information. Please send the application fee and notify references that they may receive a call from CCA’s admissions team. Applications must be received by June 15th.

  5. After your application has been received and reviewed, the Charis office will contact your family to schedule an interview. This interview is for the purpose of discussing the compatibility of the family’s goals with the school’s methods and philosophy, as well as the student’s character and desire to enroll at Charis. Prospective students must be present at this interview. We encourage parents to read the required reading prior to the scheduling of a family interview. 

  6. After your family interview, Charis will contact the previous school for academic and disciplinary records and contact your family to schedule a date for placement testing. Placement testing is required for students entering 1st grade and above. Families who have homeschooled should provide curriculum used for those years. Academic and disciplinary records, placement testing, and interview must be completed before acceptance or registration.

  7. After being accepted to Charis, you will receive an acceptance email with registration instructions. Registration secures your student’s place in class (provided there is room), and registrations will be processed in the order in which they were received. New family registration opens on February 18, and registration must be completed by July 15th. All registrations received on February 18th will be ranked according to application date; all following registrations will be prioritized in the order in which the registration documents were received.

  8. Please note that because of our intentional small class sizes (16:1 student:teacher ratio), it is not uncommon to have waitlists, especially for the younger grades. We encourage waitlisted families not to withdraw, because the list helps to make staffing decisions for the upcoming school year (such as hiring additional aides to expand the class size to 20:1, or adding additional sections for a class). If class size does not permit a waitlisted student to enroll, registration fees will be refunded at the start of the school semester.

Application and Registration Deadlines

Core Student applications for fall semester will be accepted until June 15th, and registration must be completed by July 15th (special exceptions due to unforeseen circumstances may be granted by the assistant headmaster and/or the dean of family ministry). Co-teachers must plan to be able to attend Family Education Week; however late registration fees apply from May 16th-July 15th. If applying for spring semester, families must apply by November 1st and register by December 1st.

For Open Courses, applications are accepted May 16th through June 15th. Charis Core students are given first priority for course availability. Next priority for open course only students will be given to siblings of Charis Core families, then in the order in which applications are received. If a section closes due to over enrollment, your tuition will be refunded and your child placed on a waiting list.

Waitlist Policy

Due to high enrollment in the lower grades (K-4th grade), there is a possibility that new students will be waitlisted. Once you have registered, you will notified if your student is on a waitlist. We encourage families to stay on the waitlist in case of changes to our class roster that can happen in the late Spring or Summer. If there is not a place available for your student by August 19th, your registration fee will be refunded in full. Application fees will also be considered paid for the following year if your family decides to re-apply.