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CCA History Timeline

When studying history one of the main goals is to give students a timeline of events and key historical figures; this is especially true in the grammar years. Being able to know and visualize these important pegs of history gives greater meaning to ideas and truths found in history. As they grow and enter into the logic and rhetoric stages, having a big picture of historical events also enables students to better see relationships and patterns to gain wisdom as they look at the world around them.

At Charis, we’ve created three sets of timelines to go with our cycles of history: Ancient, Medieval, and Modern. Each set contains a wall timeline and a set of cards with key events and historical figures beautifully depicted on the front of the card with a short synopsis on the back. CCA students will memorize these short summaries as they cycle through the periods to give them a strong foundation to carry with them throughout their education. The cards are removeable to be used as a hands on tool, to be placed on the timeline multiple times or used for games or as flashcards.

The CCA History Timeline Order forms are ready on the website. If you’d like to order go to:

The cost of each timeline packet is $150.

Each History Timeline package contains:

  • Three Laminated Timeline wall posters, 10″ x 60″ (Ancient, Medieval, Modern)
  • Eighty Laminated Timeline cards, 3″ x 3″
  • One sheet of Velcro dots

If you prefer to order the timeline cards only, the cost will be $85.

**These are not a required purchase for families but rather are a wonderful resource that you may use as you study history together as a family. The events and summaries for memory work will also be found each year in your grade syllabus.